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Goat Simulator goes from viral video to Steam game this spring


Goat Simulator will be released on Steam this spring, Coffee Stain Studios has announced.

The curio hit the headlines last week when an alpha gameplay video went viral. At the time of publication the video, below, had over 2m views.

"We're just playing around a bit with programming stuff, this is not our next big IP, calm yourselves journalists," reads the video description.

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Now, things have changed. Swedish indie Coffee Stain Studios (Sanctum) said it was bombarded with requests to turn the prototype into a real game after the video went nuts.

The latest video, below, carries a new description: "OKAY INTERNET YOU WIN, IT LOOKS LIKE GOAT SIMULATOR IS OUR NEXT IP."

The game is inspired by old-school skating games, but instead of playing a skater, you play a goat. And instead of doing tricks, you wreck stuff. You can also pick up and drag items around by licking them.

The Steam release features leaderboards, and the developer is looking into adding Steam Workshop support.

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