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Goat Simulator getting new map, local split-screen, bicycles

UPDATE: Latest update trailer may be the greatest love story ever told.

UPDATE 03/06/2014: A new trailer for Goat Simulator shows off the co-op features and map added in today's 1.1 update.

Added below, its two-goats-against-the-world mentality puts me in mind of Before Sunrise... if it were about super-powered goats in purgatory. Or maybe it's more like Thelma & Louise? Or Sid and Nancy, perhaps? That's the great thing about this goofy goat parable: it's ambiguous enough to attach your own meaning to.

Furthermore, this update adds Capture the Flag and Racing modes in addition to splitscreen co-op, the new map, wall-running maneuvers, and bike/skateboard riding.

Journey was a great experiment in forging emotional connections through abstract storytelling and limited multiplayer. But perhaps it missed a trick by not having wall-running goats.Watch on YouTube

ORIGINAL STORY: 20/05/2014:

Jokey caprine adventure Goat Simulator will be expanded with a generous amount of extra content on 3rd June, developer Coffee Stain Studios has announced.

The update will include a new playable area "roughly the size of the old map" and local split-screen multiplayer so that up to four goats can play on one machine.

Goat wall-running and the ability to balance on your front legs will also be added, as will bicycles, skateboards and the ability to force humans to ride you.

And there'll be several new goat types, too (the original featured species such as "tall goat" - actually a giraffe). You can look forward to Tornado Goat, Classy Goat, Repulsive Goat and Shopping Goat (actually a shopping trolley).

"We realise we said we'd release the patch in May, but we really wanted to shock players and make sure the new map will be even better than the old one, so we had to push forth the release date a week or so than we originally intended," designer Armin Ibrisagic explained.

"With June 3rd as a release date, the new map is gonna be so awesome, and I'm not just saying that cause I'm working on the game."

Witness a taste of the update now in the new screenshots below.