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GH dev "thinking about" keyboard game

But extra peripheral chatter was untrue.

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Guitar Hero: World Tour developer Neversoft is "thinking about" a music game built around a keyboard, according to project director Brian Bright.

Last week Bright hit headlines after G4 ran a story hinting at a new, as-yet unannounced World Tour peripheral specifically for the game's Studio mode.

However, G4 subsequently retracted that story, blaming misinterpretation. "According to a Red Octane rep, there is no new peripheral," it said.

Asked about the decision not to include a keyboard controller by Joystiq, however, Bright was relatively unambiguous.

"A keyboard controller deserves to be introduced with its own game. This is something we're thinking about," he said.

As for the keyboard's absence from World Tour, "We wanted a big mix of music in World Tour and adding a keyboard controller would either have limited our choices, or the players'."

One thing that Neversoft and publisher Activision Blizzard ruled in at Games Convention last week was the option to play as your Miis in the Wii version of World Tour.

Look out for our Games Convention thoughts on the fourth major Guitar Hero game soon, or check out our huge Guitar Hero: World Tour preview from earlier in the year.

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