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Another peripheral for Guitar Hero 4

Neversoft not ready to say what.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Neversoft, developer of Guitar Hero World Tour, still has another instrument peripheral to unveil.

The equipment will be specifically tailored for the Studio mode where music and perhaps dreams are made, according to G4.

However, Neversoft's Brian Bright stopped short of confirming what the mysterious instrument will be. Speculation seems most intense around a keyboard or turntable peripheral; Activision has trademarked DJ Hero and Keyboard Hero in the past.

Still, rather late in the day to talk about additional pieces of equipment given the late 2008 release date. Unless, of course, the peripheral was never supposed to be part of the instrument and game bundle box. No sign of anything on retail sites so far, either.

Knee-slide over to our Guitar Hero World Tour preview to see what the Rock Band rival has in the locker.

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