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Epic reveals 10-year plan for Gears

Series will go on and on and on and Ariston.

Gears of War writer Joshua Ortega has said the series will be "long-term" and may even stretch to a prequel covering the events of Emergence Day.

"You will not be disappointed in the next ten years," said Ortega when asked about a prequel during a panel at the New York Comic-Con (reported by IGN)

"It's a ten-year plan," he added, as if channelling Kaz Hirai. "Gears is long-term. The Lancer is the new Lightsaber."

Ortega went on to say we "won't be disappointed" with what Epic has planned regarding single-player DLC for Gears of War 2, too.

So far, updates have revolved around multiplayer; most recently Epic said Title Update 3 will add an experience/levelling system that will be tied to Achievements via a downloadable map pack at some point in the future.

The Gears of War brand will be further strengthened by a Hollywood big-screen adaptation, which confirmed-director Len Wiseman (Die Hard 4.0) said he would like to stretch into a trilogy: "A harder edged Lord Of The Rings."