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UPDATE: Dishonored takes top honours, but Journey scoops up five awards.

UPDATE: The 2013 BAFTA winners are in and they're a doozy. Dishonored took top honours, winning best game overall, which is odd as it didn't win in any other awards. Conversely, Journey received a whopping five awards in various other categories.

UK chart: Wii U exclusives absent from top 40 for third week running

The first UK games chart of 2013 shows another week of no Wii U-exclusive titles in the top 40.

It's the third week in a row this has happened. The last time a Wii U-only game was spotted in the top 40 was the week ending 15th December, when Nintendo Land was 39th.

A week earlier, Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U were 26th and 35th respectively. A week before that, when the Wii U launched, Nintendo Land was 11th and New Super Mario Bros. U 14th. The brilliant ZombiU made its only top 40 appearance at 17th back then.

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FeatureThe Eurogamer Christmas Challenge

Can you beat our high scores?

So here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody's having four pints at lunchtime then trying not to be sick while racing round Poundland in search of a last minute Secret Santa present for someone about whom they know nothing except name and gender. And at least one of those is in doubt. Ho ho ho!

EA Origin accounts are being hijacked

UPDATE: EA: "At this point, we have no reason to believe there has been any intrusion into our Origin database.”

Update: EA says that Origin hasn't been breached and has issued the following statement:

FIFA has sold 7.4 million copies

Battlefield premium has over 2 million subscriptions.

FIFA has sold 7.4 million units in four weeks, EA announced today as part of its most recent quarterly financial report.

FIFA 13 patch rolling out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

FIFA 13 patch rolling out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

UPDATE: knock-on issue delays title update.

UPDATE: That FIFA 13 patch sorry title update didn't launch over the weekend as planned.

Why? Because EA noticed it caused a problem.

"We apologize for a delay in the FIFA 13 Title Update," read a tweet from EA Sports FIFA. "A knock-on issue was detected in the patch planned for this weekend so it was held.

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UK chart: FIFA 13 sells 1 million copies in a week

UK chart: FIFA 13 sells 1 million copies in a week

Boots Borderland 2 from top spot.

Annual football fiesta FIFA 13 has sold a million copies during its first week on sale in the UK.

It becomes the fourth game in history to do this, following Call of Duty titles Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2 and 3.

Video game sales jumped by 196 per cent in the past seven days. FIFA 13 accounted for 71 per cent of all games sold and 80 per cent of all revenue from game sales - both of these figures are higher than last year.

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FIFA 13 review

FIFA 13 review

After extra time.

If you had told me at the start of the year that I would spend more time in 2012 playing a football game not made by EA Canada than I did in the grip of its imperious FIFA series, then I guess I would have told you there was more chance of Robin Van Persie signing for Manchester United. But hey, strange things do happen.

Weirdly though, this unexpected interloper wasn't PES 2013, although Konami's latest is a fantastic football game. It was New Star Soccer. By breaking football down into short bursts of its most exciting and rewarding elements, like long-range shots and Hollywood passes, and tying that into a shallow but addictive management sim, New Star Soccer completely took over my free time. Through my long hours playing it, I often thought that Konami and EA Sports could learn a thing or two from its success and that of games like it.

Well, it looks like EA has done. The new Skill Games mode in FIFA 13 is exactly the sort of bite-size football challenge that makes smartphone treasures like Flick Kick Football so compulsive - except that it's built on one of the best football gameplay engines around, with all the pomp and connectivity you'd expect from a modern sports game.

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Sony shocks world and announces PS3 super duper Slim

Sony shocks world and announces PS3 super duper Slim

Enough to undermine Wii U sales this Christmas?

Sony's early-morning (UK time) Tokyo Game Conference kicked off with the abrupt announcement of the heavily rumoured PS3 super duper slim.

The console weighs only 2.1kg; it's half as heavy as the fatty pants original PS3, and 25 per cent smaller and 20 per cent lighter than the PS3 Slim. And it's got a sliding disc cover.

UK shoppers will have two buying options: a 500GB model that arrives on 28th September, or a 12GB flash memory model that arrives on 12th October.

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EGXChallenge FIFA 13 developers on Virgin Media stand at Eurogamer Expo

Plus: Feature as a driver in GRID 2 and try Mists of Pandaria.

With around a fortnight to go until this year's Eurogamer Expo, our headline sponsor Virgin Media has announced what it's going to be doing on the show floor, and it's not just a bunch of variations on the Usain lightning Bolt gesture. (Although...)

EA Sports' new season ticket detailed

Season pass for FIFA, Madden et al enables $100 saving - but is it worth 19.99?

EA Sports has unveiled its second pass at a Season Ticket, a one-shot payment that unlocks up to $100 worth of DLC across series such as FIFA, Tiger Woods and some of those there American sports.

Vita FIFA 13 inbound, won't connect with PS3 game

New handheld FIFA game due, but cross platform and cross buy won't figure just yet.

The new FIFA game that's heading to Sony's PlayStation Vita won't connect with the PlayStation 3's FIFA 13 - though EA Sports is focusing on hooking up the FIFA experience across different platforms.

FIFA 13 Move controls demonstrated, available at launch

FIFA 13 Move controls demonstrated, available at launch

David Rutter wears dramatic black shirt.

FIFA father David Rutter took to the Gamescom stage today to demonstrate FIFA 13 PlayStation Move motion-sensing controls, which will available at launch next month.

The Move nunchuk controls player movement, but the wand controls a line and circular box that comes out of their feet. This points passes and can paint runs for team mates. Players are tracked by pressing the T button.

The demo was brief and some goals missed. The Move controls were very similar to PES on Wii.

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FIFA 13 demo release date, Match Day, 2v2 Head To Head co-op

The FIFA 13 demo will be released on 11th September, EA announced today at Gamescom.

That demo will feature the new EA Sports Football Club Match Day mode, which lets you follow the real-life progress of your favourite football from within FIFA 13.

Commentary even reflects what's happening in the real-life game - a feature demonstrated by the nerve-wracking last day of the Barclay's Premier League when Man City staged a late and dramatic comeback to beat Manchester United and win the league. The commentators reflected on this in their comments. Quite how EA will achieve this, other than by recording new commentary every week, is beyond us.

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FIFA 13 Wii U Preview: Nintendo Gets Parity (At Last!)

The last time there was parity between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo versions of FIFA, producer Matt Prior reflects, was back in the days of GameCube. The HD era has been enormously successful for EA's series, but the core game's evolution has happened at the expense of similar progress on Nintendo platforms, which have played host to more experimental takes on the beautiful game.

When Wii U launches, the first message EA wants to stress is that early adopters will get the full-fat, full-resolution football experience. Which is broadly correct, although, as a rep notes while I'm giving the Wii U version a run-out at EA Canada, this is "FIFA 12.5" - in the sense that it won't carry every new feature from this year's PS3 and 360 updates, since the team has had so much porting work to do on the new platform.

The other main message, though, is that the GamePad enhances FIFA in ways only possible on Nintendo's new hardware. A sentence you can expect to read in every Wii U press release until you go mad and stab yourself blind with a telescopic 3DS stylus. But in this case, the early signs suggest it could be good news for the hardcore as well as those suspiciously attractive, well-adjusted families you never see outside of a Nintendo TV ad.

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FIFA 13 trailer shows new Man City home kit

A new FIFA 13 trailer has shown off the new Man City home kit.

It's our first virtual glance at the kit that will be worn for real on Friday when the Premier League champions play Arsenal in a friendly in Beijing.

Spanish trickster David Silva, French maestro Samir Nasri, Italian moper Mario "Mega Man "Balotelli and Argentinian goal machine Kun Aguero all stand over a free kick.

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Does FIFA copy PES? EA execs respond to Konami accusations

FIFA boss "feels" for Murphy, hopes management "appreciate" him

EA Sports has responded to claims its FIFA team has been "copying" bitter rival PES, with football boss Matt Bilbey voicing sympathy for his accuser, Konami's Jon Murphy, suggesting the development team didn't "listen" to him.

FIFA 13 Preview: "The referee's a w*nker!"

FeatureFIFA 13 Preview: "The referee's a w*nker!"

Kinect and Skill Games make up a FIFA that's all about the unpredictable.

As the end of this console generation approaches, life seems pretty rosy for the FIFA team. Widely regarded as having outplayed its competition not only commercially but also in quality in recent years, building a commanding lead in the process, complacency is as big a threat as whatever Konami comes up with next.

The pressure of maintaining a hard-earned 90 Metacritic rating, always the pet obsession of EA's Peter Moore, ought to be enough to dispel any likelihood of that. And, as is traditional, the team is boasting of more game-changing features for this season's update when I poke my head inside its Vancouver dressing room this month.

They're obliged by the marketing department to peddle that line every year, of course, but there are a few good reasons at this stage to believe FIFA will raise its game again in 13. The focus this year is captured in a Mourinho quote producer Nick Channon flags up: "One of the great things about football is that it is unpredictable".

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FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition, pre-order bonuses announced

FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition, pre-order bonuses announced

EA hypes "most extensive global pre-order incentive in the history of the FIFA franchise".

EA has announced the FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition and two shop exclusive pre-order bonuses.

The Ultimate Edition includes 24 FIFA Ultimate Team gold packs, and is described by EA as the "most extensive global pre-order incentive in the history of the FIFA franchise". The Ultimate Edition will be available to buy one day only: 28th September 2012, the day FIFA 13 launches. You have to pre-order or buy it on the day.

You'll get one FUT pack per week for 24 weeks - what amounts to a total value of over 15. Each gold pack has a mix of 12 items, including players, contracts, stadiums, managers, staff, fitness, healing, balls, kits and badges. Gold packs have players rated 75+ in-game and one rare item.

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FIFA 13 Kinect features detailed

UPDATE: First gameplay trailer revealed.

FIFA 13's Kinect features were detailed in Microsoft's E3 press conference - and they seem to be limited to voice commands that allow you to direct the action on and off the pitch.

FIFA 13 Preview: Your Team-Mates Have Woken Up!

FeatureFIFA 13 Preview: Your Team-Mates Have Woken Up!

Attacking Intelligence feels like the stand-out feature after a dozen matches.

At the time of writing, EA Sports has already unveiled a handful of fairly influential changes to the FIFA formula for this year's iteration, but after playing a dozen or so games of FIFA 13 the one that really stands out is the one with the least exciting name: Attacking Intelligence.

Although FIFA 12 was a wonderful football simulation in a lot of ways (and an even more wonderful platform for synchronised physical comedy), it wasn't without its annoying quirks, one of which was that you would often find yourself short of support from team-mates once you crossed the halfway line, forcing you to hold up play in hope of attracting reinforcements.

The idea was that Attacking Intelligence would bring more players into the attack, allowing you to sweep forward in waves, exploiting space between isolated and retreating defenders, and crash against the opposing penalty area with enough force to hoover up any rebounds or shots spilled by the goalkeeper.

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FIFA 13 Preview: A Final Flourish?

FeatureFIFA 13 Preview: A Final Flourish?

EA Sports offers a conservative update with its latest FIFA.

It's not over until it's over, as those in pale blue who left the Etihad Stadium before full-time on Sunday found out to their own eternal embarrassment. This year's Premier League has seen the title move from one side of Manchester to another, a seismic shift that some five years ago would have seemed improbable.

This console generation's battle of the football titans has, at times, felt equally dramatic, as full of fumbles and moments of flair as anything the Premier League has offered up in the last nine months. It started with Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer as champion elect, but now looks set to end with FIFA in a position of unquestionable supremacy.

"It's been an amazing journey. I think it's been the most exciting journey that I've ever been on. But it's come with plenty of sleepless nights," says EA Sports' executive vice president Andrew Wilson, a fast-talking Australian who's the embodiment of corporate cool.

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