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FIFA Ultimate Team back and coin cheats banned

Mabbutt time, too.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team has been down this week but now it's returned.

Turns out "a very small number of users attempted to gain an unfair advantage by manipulating coins", wrote EA on its forum.

Those people have been banned and service resumed.

"We take issues like this very seriously," EA wrote, all steely eyes and pursed lips.

"Permanent bans for FIFA 13 have been served to all users who attempted to gain an unfair advantage."

Innocent whistle.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team has suffered its fair share of outages and exploits, and has been at the centre of a few hacking allegations on Xbox Live.

Still, what began life as a DLC add-on experiment for FIFA a few years ago has now blossomed into a burgeoning on-disc part of the FIFA experience. With micro-transactions at its heart, it's an experience EA will want to do all it can to preserve.