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Don't expect FIFA 14 Kinect motion controls

Voice commands will be improved though.

Microsoft has improved the accuracy of Kinect for Xbox One, and will bundle the device with the next-generation console, but that doesn't mean we'll see motion control in every game.

While Microsoft would like developers to make use of the new Kinect, which many believe is the root cause behind Xbox One's relatively high £429 price point, studios can pick and choose how - if at all - they utilise it.

EA Sports has decided that motion control still isn't right for FIFA, despite the improved accuracy offered by the new Kinect and the fact all Xbox One owners will have one, and that's not for the want of trying.

"We still don't see a place for motion to be additive to the core game experience," EA Sports boss Andrew Wilson told Eurogamer.

"We never say never, and the teams are prototyping a series of things that feel like they're additive to the experience. We don't want gimmicks. We don't want to do it just because it's available. We want to do things that truly add to the experience."

With FIFA 13 EA introduced voice commands for the Xbox 360 version and Kinect. The voice commands let you activate tactics, change formations and trigger substitutions without pausing the game. In Be A Pro mode you can shout for a pass, send a teammate on a run or call for a shot.

In FIFA 13 the referees and linesmen listen to what you say, too. Use coarse language and the commentators may mention it and the referee may become stricter with fouls and bookings.

Wilson said for FIFA 14, EA is focusing on improving the voice command functionality.

"We feel the evolution of that will do more for gamers this year [than motion]. We're not quite at motion yet. We're running some prototypes, but as yet we're not seeing anything that universally enhances the core sports experience."

He added: "Right now we're still in a position where we see voice as the feature of Kinect that's most relevant to FIFA. And that's how you'll see it this year.

"We did voice last year. There are new capabilities of voice recognition in the new Kinect the team is trying to utilise to make sure we take that to the next level and give you an even greater level of control through voice in the game."

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