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UPDATE: Dishonored takes top honours, but Journey scoops up five awards.

UPDATE: The 2013 BAFTA winners are in and they're a doozy. Dishonored took top honours, winning best game overall, which is odd as it didn't win in any other awards. Conversely, Journey received a whopping five awards in various other categories.

The full list of winners is as follows:

  • Best Game: Dishonored
  • Best Action game: Far Cry 3
  • Best British Game: The Room
  • Best Multiplayer. Journey
  • Best Performer: Danny Wallace
  • Best Mobile Game: The Walking Dead
  • Best Audio: Journey
  • Best Family Game: Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
  • Best Strategy Game: XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • Best Game Design: Journey
  • Ones to Watch: Starcrossed
  • Online Browser: SongPop
  • Artistic Achievement: Journey
  • Game Innovation: The Unfinished Swan
  • Best Sports/ Fitness game: New Star Soccer
  • Best Story: The Walking Dead
  • Best Original Music: Journey
  • Best Debut Game: The Unfinished Swan
  • Fellowship Award: Gabe Newell

Original story: Video games penetrate deeper into the accepted world of entertainment every year. Events like the BAFTA Game Awards help that. It's a prestigious thing to win a BAFTA TV or film award; it's a brand with heritage and glitz and glamour.

Now in its 10th year, the BAFTA Game Awards also understand video games on a deeper level. The nominees this year are more diverse than ever, and games like Journey - a downloadable PSN game - stand toe-to-toe with giants.

Tonight we find out who wins, and a live-stream of the awards ceremony is embedded in this article for you to watch. It starts at 9pm UK time.

Meanwhile, Ellie, Ian and myself will be travelling to London to mob people on the red carpet at the event and stuff microphones up their bushy noses when they least expect it.

All that's left is to predict the winners. I won't list them all here because the list is massive.

Best Game? Journey, I reckon.