Dead Rising 4

A brainless, buggy open-world game that's forgotten the second you put down the pad.


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Dead Rising 4 update will bring back original, proper Frank West

Dead Rising 4 update will bring back original, proper Frank West

Oh and you can play as Mega Man, Dante and Cammy too.

Dead Rising 4 didn't sit well with a few series fans - and one particular bugbear was the more action-y new look for franchise star Frank West.

Well, in the latest update to the game, you can fix that.

"Classic" Frank West will be playable as part of Capcom Heroes Mode, a new mode which will let you play through the game's campaign as one of many older Capcom faces.

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Many Dead Rising fans were disappointed in Dead Rising 4 when it came out, and while Capcom has updated the game since its initial release in December 2016, some feel it's still not quite the game it could be.

Dead Rising 4 confirmed for PS4

Dead Rising 4 confirmed for PS4

Frank's Big Package billed as the definitive edition.

A year after Microsoft published Dead Rising 4 as a timed-exclusive on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, the game is coming to PlayStation 4.

Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package launches on Sony's console on 5th December 2017, Capcom said.

This special edition includes the main game as well as all other previously-released content. There's a Capcom Heroes bonus mode, which lets Frank West wear over a dozen outfits and perform special attacks inspired by classic Capcom characters.

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Resident Evil 7 sales top 3.5m worldwide

Resident Evil 7 sales top 3.5m worldwide

500k lower than 4m target, while Dead Rising 4 also underperforms.

Resident Evil 7 sales have passed the 3.5m mark worldwide, developer Capcom's latest financial results have revealed.

But this is still 500k short of the bullish 4m target set by Capcom itself prior to the game's release in January this year (thanks, Gematsu).

Resident Evil 7 topped the UK charts with the third-best launch for the franchise in terms of week-one sales, behind only Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6.

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Dead Rising 4 review

Dead Rising 4 review


It's never a good idea to start with a food metaphor, but - if the first Dead Rising was an acquired taste, Dead Rising 4 is popcorn. That's to say, it's pretty low on flavour or nutritional content, but if you shovel gigantic handfuls into your mouth without cease you can just about maintain the illusion that you're eating something substantial. By turns demented and uninspired, Capcom Vancouver's latest shopping-turned-killing-spree feels like a series marking time till the executioner arrives, but there's a lot to chew over here and it can be oddly, even annoyingly hard to stop.

Abundance has always been Dead Rising's keyword, of course. The 2006 original cast players as Frank West, a tabloid photographer scoping out a zombie-infested mall in Willamette, Colorado - a mall that proved a testing ground for the weaponisable potential of common household commodities, as players sallied into battle armed not just with guns and blades but parosols, TV sets, bowling balls and fruit. There were a few notable checks and rough edges, however: a strict six-hour campaign running time, fussy controls and a cast of goofy locals on journeys of their own through the game, characters destined to meet a sticky end out of shot unless waylaid and escorted to the mall's saferoom. The campaign and character death mechanics, in particular, split audiences down the middle - some hailing this approach as a source of suspense that adds to the impression of a living world, others decrying it as an arbitrary hindrance that forces you to play and replay if you want to chase up every lead.

Fast forward 10 years and Frank is back - hot on the trail of his wayward apprentice Vick in the midst of yet another, unexplained zombie outbreak. The mall is back, too, though it has evolved almost beyond recognition - new sights and sounds include a mini-car racetrack, a gingerbread Santa's village and a Caribbean-themed section where thousands of corpses squelch in the shadow of a life-sized pirate galleon. There is still an absolute ton of gaudy crap with which to abuse the undead (the game takes place in the aftermath of a particularly bloodthirsty Black Friday sale), and the zombies themselves are, as ever, not so much a threat as an army of crash test dummies, begging to be crowned with a Christmas wreath, lit on fire and kicked off an escalator.

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FeatureCapcom Vancouver defends Dead Rising 4's "super-polarising" changes

New zombie types, boss characters and the world explained.

The first Dead Rising is celebrated and despised in equal measure for its campaign timer, whereby certain events play out independently of the player over the course of the story. It's a system that obliges you to be in exactly the right place at the right time if you want to meet (or save) certain characters, learn the origins of the zombie plague, or simply uncover every amusing quirk the world has to offer.

VideoWatch: Six strange moments from E3 2016

It's this week's Eurogamer Show.

E3 week is always a hectic affair. Typically speaking nobody has had enough sleep, everyone's had far too much caffeine and there's never not a huge stack of things on which to report. Small wonder, then, that it often takes for the show itself to close before we get the chance to reflect and realise just how weird E3 actually is.

Dead Rising 4 is Microsoft-exclusive for a year

Dead Rising 4 will be exclusive to Xbox One and Windows 10, but only for a year.

Developer Capcom Vancouver tweeted "You'll be able to play it first on Xbox One and Windows 10."

Journalist Ryan Brown offered further clarification on Twitter where he stated "Capcom rep says that Dead Rising 4 is a 1-year timed exclusive for MS."

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FeatureXbox boss Phil Spencer: the big interview

"Scorpio is designed as a 4K console…"

Microsoft's E3 media briefing was strong, I thought, although its impact was dulled by a pretty spectacular set of leaks that not only revealed the existence of the Xbox One S and Scorpio ahead of time, but the running order of the show.

Here's 14 minutes of Dead Rising 4 gameplay

At a Microsoft showcase event at E3, I had a chance to play Capcom Vancouver's Dead Rising 4 on Xbox One and captured the gameplay.

In the video, below, you can see me, as series star Frank West, tear up over 1000 zombies with a multitude of weapons in Willamette, Colorado. I use everything from a flamethrower to a parking meter to carve up those zombies. I give the new Exo Suit a spin, too.

The gameplay also shows off the new selfie mechanic. Here, you can pull faces before taking a snap. I try to do this in dramatic fashion at the end of the demo, stunning zombies in place before whipping my phone out for the perfect selfie. But I failed at the last. Bah!

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Dead Rising 4 release date set for "Holiday 2016"

Dead Rising 4 release date set for "Holiday 2016"

Coming to Xbox One and Windows 10.

The weekend's Dead Rising 4 leak has been confirmed, and Capcom's zombie brawler has had a release window pinned on it by its new trailer (which you can watch below). It's coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 and will be out in Holiday 2016, which is American marketing speak for the end of this year.

That's appropriate to the Christmas theme suggested by the leak and confirmed by the trailer. Also confirmed: the return of the series' first and most beloved protagonist, Frank West, seen in the trailer sardonically posting selfies of his creative zombie slaughter to Twitter.

Bryce Cochrane, exec producer for the game at Capcom Vancouver, posted more details to Xbox Wire. It's set in Willamette, Colorado, the location of the first Dead Rising, 16 years later. There will be new zombie types to battle, powerful EXO suits to equip, and a four-player co-op mode.

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Dead Rising 4 screenshots and gif leak

UPDATE: Even more pictures emerge.

UPDATE 13TH JUNE: Even more Dead Rising 4 screenshots have leaked ahead of Microsoft's E3 2016 press conference, which we'll be reporting from live at 5.30pm BST (if there's anything left to talk about ho ho). The screenshots are from All Games Delta and are apparently from a debug version of the game.