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Dead Rising 4 screenshots and gif leak

UPDATE: Even more pictures emerge.

UPDATE 13TH JUNE: Even more Dead Rising 4 screenshots have leaked ahead of Microsoft's E3 2016 press conference, which we'll be reporting from live at 5.30pm BST (if there's anything left to talk about ho ho). The screenshots are from All Games Delta and are apparently from a debug version of the game.

ORIGINAL STORY 12TH JUNE: The leaks continue: this time screenshots and a gif of Dead Rising 4 have leaked.

The screenshots, below, popped up on NeoGAF today ahead of Microsoft's media briefing.

We also have two gifs, one showing an axe electricity attack that destroys a huge number of zombies, another showing our hero in a suit that lets him rip apart zombies with his bare exoskeleton hands!

Apparently the new Dead Rising is a remake of Dead Rising 1, starring protagonist Frank West and set during Christmas, with four-player co-op and an expanded map. There also appears to be a sign for Willamette in one of the below screenshots, confirming rumours it's going back to the mall of the original game.

Dead Rising 4 is expected to be announced tomorrow during Microsoft's E3 media briefing for PC and Xbox One. You can follow along with that, and other press conferences, with our E3 schedule guide

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Dead Rising 4

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