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Big improvements coming to Dead Rising 4

He's a maniac.

Many Dead Rising fans were disappointed in Dead Rising 4 when it came out, and while Capcom has updated the game since its initial release in December 2016, some feel it's still not quite the game it could be.

Well, the developers at Capcom Vancouver have just announced a raft of upcoming changes that should help Dead rising 4 get closer to being the best Dead Rising game it can be.

Chief among these changes is an improvement to the human enemies, specifically the maniacs Frank West encounters during the game. Capcom Vancouver said these encounters are now more meaningful and rewarding. The maniacs each have weapons that suit their character and if you defeat one, you get to wield that weapon.

The developers have also tweaked the AI that governs the maniacs to make them even harder to defeat. Some of the maniacs now have new maniac minions who attack Frank, which makes encounters even more difficult. Human enemy AI has been changed across the board, so all enemy human types should be better at using cover, blocking attacks with shields and countering.

Elsewhere, Capcom Vancouver has added distress calls to the game. These are six side missions Frank can decide to take on. If you do, you have to carry out a quest for the survivor in question, then protect them from the zombies as they make their way to a safe location. As a reward you get a unique variation on one of Frank's outfits.

And finally, expect improved controller responsiveness, faster attack speed, faster zombie horde awareness, more aggressive pursuit, rebalanced weapon distribution, improved zombie AI and mission tuning.

All Dead Rising 4 owners get these improvements for free on 5th December alongside the new already-announced game mode, Capcom Heroes. The PS4 version, dubbed Frank's Big Package comes out then, too.

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