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Frostpunk 2 release delayed to "guarantee the best possible experience" at launch

Thaw and order.

Frostpunk 2 Announcement Trailer screenshot showing a bloodied and shirtless man in a snow-covered area.
Image credit: 11 bit Studios

This War of Mine developer 11 bit studios has made the decision to postpone the release of Frostpunk 2, following the game's beta.

In a post shared on Steam, the studio thanked all those who took part in the beta, saying the average rating from the experience was a healthy eight out of 10. "We are super grateful for that," the Frostpunk 2 team wrote.

However, it noted that along with some positive comments, it also took the time to analyse and prioritise what the studio wanted to add into the game, and - in order to "properly do them justice" and "guarantee the best possible experience" at launch - the team came to the conclusion it should postpone Frostpunk 2's release.

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"We know this is not the news you wanted to hear," it wrote. "However, we believe these additional features are something you deserve to see in-game on day one, not in a patch added after the release.

"We can only hope you understand that our decision comes from a place of wanting to create the best game possible for you."

11 bit studios is now planning to release Frostpunk 2 on 20th September. It will launch straight into PC Games Pass, as previously announced.

"One thing is certain - these few weeks will pass by VERY quickly for us, because we're cooking some really exciting stuff," the studio continued. "The list is too long to go through all at once, but the highlights include new additions to the game mechanics, extensive UI & UX enhancement and, by popular demand, a new city feature we like to call Zoom Stories."

A city in Frostpunk 2 thrives with activity amidst the snow
Image credit: 11 bit studios
A close shot of a city in Frostpunk 2, enabling us to see some of the added detail afforded by Unreal Engine 5 in the sequel. Snow piles heavily on dark buildings, while there's a colourful long-exposure-like orange blur of activity on the roads.
Image credit: 11 bit Studios

The Eurogamer team has been excited about Frostpunk 2 for a while now, and our Bertie took a look at how it was coming along towards the end of last year. Weather is no longer the primary threat in Frostpunk 2, he wrote in October. Now, it's people.

"You'll spend your time preoccupied by a storm of a different kind," Bertie wrote. "A people-shaped storm, a societal storm. And if you fail to manage that properly, it will end you."

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