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FromSoftware owner Kadokawa acquires Octopath Traveler studio

"To strengthen the ability to create IP in games."

Octopath Traveler artwork featuring all hand-drawn eight characters
Image credit: Square Enix

FromSoftware owner Kadokawa Corporation has acquired Octopath Traveler developer Acquire for an undisclosed sum.

The studio, founded in 1994, has previously worked with Kadokawa subsidiaries on Tenchu (FromSoftware) and Way of the Samurai (Spike Chunsoft), with the Octopath Traveler games published by Square Enix.

"To strengthen the ability to create IP in games as part of our game business strategy, we have made Acquire Corp. into a wholly owned subsidiary," reads a statement from Kadokawa in its latest earnings report.

"By acquiring the company, which has produced million-seller hit titles, we expect to generate synergies with our existing game related subsidiaries, strengthen our planning and development capabilities Groupwide, and enhance our lineup of console games."

Octopath Traveler 2 Launch Trailer - Nintendo SwitchWatch on YouTube

The Octopath Traveler series popularised the HD-2D visual style now used by Square Enix in other games - and trademarked. It has cumulative series sales of over 4m units.

As for those other Kadokawa owned studios, FromSoftware will "further step up efforts to improve profitability in the medium to long term", with "various measures" in progress including "major DLC" for Elden Ring.

Sales have declined from last year due to the huge success of Elden Ring, but "repeat sales of the title have remained steady", while Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon has "contributed beyond expectations".

Spike Chunsoft, meanwhile, will release Shiren the Wanderer 6 in Q4 of this financial year.

Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree is still without a release date, but expected this year.

Tencent is reportedly developing an Elden Ring mobile game since acquiring the licensing rights from FromSoftware in 2022.

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