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Octopath Traveler's "HD2D" is now a Square Enix trademark

How much did they 4K out for that?

Square Enix has trademarked the name of Octopath Traveler's "HD2D" visual style.

The Nintendo Switch role-playing game stood out from the crowd upon launch last year with its stylish graphical design that mixed classic 16-bit sprites into a 3D landscape.

I haven't heard anyone else trying to coin the phrase "HD2D" for their own game - but now they can't. Siliconera spotted the European trademarks for both "HD2D" and variant "HD-2D" last night, which were filed earlier in the month.

It seems a little... excessive. But if there's positive news to come out of all this it's that the trademarks rather point to Square Enix wanting to lock down the term for use in the future.

There's been no news yet of an Octopath sequel, but the game has sold very well and was positively received. Square Enix previously announced it had shifted 1m copies of the game, making it one of a only few non-Nintendo developed Switch games to hit this milestone.

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As for our verdict, Edwin recommended Octopath Traveler in Eurogamer's review, calling it "a slow but stately and compelling JRPG throwback".