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Microsoft won't quit with Xbox Game Pass announcements, and Octopath Traveler is next

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There was once a time when Xbox Game Pass announcements would come along every month - or every couple of weeks, at most. This week, however, is not one of those weeks.

Confirming the raft of upcoming games headed to the service today, Microsoft has snuck in one more title worthy of mention: Square Enix role-player Octopath Traveller. Previously available on PC and Nintendo Switch, it'll jump onto Xbox Game Pass for PC and consoles on 25th March.

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It's been an extraordinarily busy few days of Xbox Game Pass news, with some eye-opening additions announced. To recap, the promising Outriders will launch via Xbox Game Pass on day one after a positive response to its demo. Cult favourite Undertale hits Game Pass as it finally arrives on Xbox today, 16th March many years after its debut elsewhere.

Last week, we heard that Brenda and John Romero's mobster-themed strategy game Empire of Sin would come to Game Pass for console and PC. There was also the small matter of 20 past Bethesda games being added and the promise that new titles from the publisher would be exclusive "to platforms where Game Pass exists".

Undertale (cloud, console and PC) is available now, while Empire of Sin (console and PC), Nier Automata (PC), Star Wars Squadrons (console), Torchlight 3 (PC) arrive on 18th March.

25th March brings Genesis Noir (console and PC), Octopath Traveler (console and PC), Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire - Ultimate Edition (PC), Supraland (PC), Yakuza 6: The Song of Life (cloud, console and PC).

Narita Boy (cloud, console and PC) joins on 30th March, with Outriders (cloud and console) a day later.

Three games are listed as leaving Xbox Game Pass soon: Hyperdot (console and PC), Journey to the Savage Planet (console) and Machinarium (PC). Phew.