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Outriders launches straight into Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft confirms

On console and Android from 1st April.

Outriders will be available from its 1st April launch date via Xbox Game Pass on consoles and Android devices, Microsoft has now confirmed.

Developed by Bulletstorm and Gears of War: Judgment studio People Can Fly, the sci-fi RPG shooter has picked up positive reactions from its recent demo.

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Today's confirmation of an Xbox Game Pass launch comes after a knowing tease by Microsoft over the weekend - and after People Can Fly announced two million people had downloaded the game's demo so far. (Including one person who has, for some reason, played 254 hours in just 15 days.)

If you're thinking of playing the Outriders demo, which provides a good chunk of the game's first section, its worth noting that there are no cross-saves (although there is cross-play), so it's worth playing this on Xbox too if you do have Game Pass.

Wes has previously reported on how People Can Fly has had to step in to tweak (and then tweak again) how the demo enables players to farm the game for some of its best items.

"Outriders feels like a game out of time, but it also feels - strangely, I admit - ever so slightly compelling," Wes wrote in his impressions of Outriders' demo. "Playing it reminds me of all those years I spent shooting stuff on my Xbox 360, and I really bloody loved that console. A blast from the past."