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Someone has played the Outriders demo for 254 hours so far

Twit tloot.

Someone played the Outriders demo for an eye-watering 254 hours so far.

The demo, which has been played by over two million people, went live on 25th February. Developer People Can Fly made the announcement about this player's feat yesterday, 12th March. That means this mystery player clocked 254 hours in just 15 days.

That also means someone has played the demo for an average of just under 17 hours a day since it came out.

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It's worth noting the Outriders demo provides a significant chunk of the first part of the game, and that progress - including obtained loot - carries forward into the retail game if you buy it.

It's also worth noting you're able to repeat much of the content in the demo, over and over again, in the hope of snagging a super powerful item from an enemy.

I've already reported on how People Can Fly stepped in to tweak the way the demo worked to combat heavy farming for legendary class items, which players were doing in anticipation of the release of the game proper on 1st April 2021.

(People Can Fly later stepped in again to change the Outriders demo in response to complaints over this previous change.)

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So, who's this mystery player who clocked over 250 hours in the demo? One player replied to People Can Fly's tweet with a screenshot showing an Outriders character with an inventory full of legendary weapons.

The player, @TortureUFC on Twitter, said: "That was probably me with the 254 hours played lol."

"The first five days were non-stop opening chests until the patch," @TortureUFC later said.

This is in reference to People Can Fly's first heavy farming nerf for the demo. Soon after the Outriders demo launched, players discovered a "loot cave" via a triple chest-run that let them farm legendary items without any combat. People Can Fly tackled this by making it so chests no longer dropped legendary items, forcing players to repeat side quests instead.

(As mentioned, People Can Fly later tweaked the demo further to enable the Gauss boss chest to drop legendaries.)

Here's a clip of @TortureUFC nabbing two legendary weapons in a row from the Outriders demo:

Also of note is the purple quality armour on @TortureUFC's character. These purple class armour items were available to buy from vendors in the demo's hub area for a limited time, but People Can Fly pulled them after players farmed the items by changing their system clocks to fast-forward to a vendor refresh.

In other Outriders news, People Can Fly recently patched the demo to add a motion blur toggle, matchmaking improvements, and bug and crash fixes. The patch also makes minor tweaks to the frame-rate output for certain items in cutscenes in a bid to dull the impact of that annoying camera shake.

For more, here are my impressions of the Outriders demo.

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