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Outriders announces major update with new missions and transmog

Plus: Worldslayer expansion coming 2022.

A major new update is coming to Outriders tomorrow with fresh missions and a transmog system, before a full expansion arrives in 2022.

Let's start with tomorrow's update, which is named New Horizon. This will bring four new Expeditions, a new transmog system, and the removal of timers from Expedition missions among various other tweaks and rebalancing.

"This massive update acts as the culmination to the months-long work to improve the Outriders player experience," developer People Can Fly said today, adding that it will see rebalanced classes, skills and mods, and an overhaul to Tiagos Expedition store.

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Looking to next year, a "full expansion" will arrive sometime in 2022, titled Worldslayer. We got a teaser today, below, but its full reveal will have to wait until spring.

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Outriders is People Can Fly's "smart if familiar" (as Eurogamer branded it) third-person sci-fi shooter, which launched back in April to a warm reception.

The game arrived as part of Xbox Game Pass for console, and in October joined the subscription service's PC offering too.

Publisher Square Enix previously trumpeted the millions of players who had tried the game so far, and even called Outriders its "next big franchise". Has interest in the game kept up? It's hard to tell. But it's good to see there's still a lot more Outriders on the (new) horizon.