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Fortnite's Halloween event adds Ash Williams

And gives you werewolf powers.

Fortnitemares, the annual Halloween event from Fortnite, launches in-game today with a selection of spooky new abilities, characters, map changes and modes.

The usual array of in-game quests will offer a smattering of free cosmetics, but you'll need to cough up in the game's item shop to buy the Evil Dead's Ash Williams, plus both Meeseeks and Queen Summer from Rick & Morty.

Here he is in action:

Ash Williams joins Fortnite.Watch on YouTube

On the Fortnite island, altars spread across the map will grant players with werewolf-like claws to slash close-up opponents on the ground and in mid-air via a double jump.

A second, selectable ability also lets you track enemies for a short time. (If you're being tracked, you'll hear a heartbeat which will grow in volume the closer your opponent is.)

Outside of the game's main modes, this year's featured Halloween offering is a Zero Build version of Horde Rush, the fun PVE survival mode from last year where you had to last against waves of incoming monsters.

Back then, building was a sure-fire way to survive Horde Rush's surprisingly tricky finale - so it'll be interesting to see how this works without structures to run away on. Epic Games has promised this mode will stick around for a while after the main Fortnitemares event finishes, with further rewards in store for those who become adept at staying alive.

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