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For Honor gets Valentine's Day release date and a campaign

Watch the Viking story gameplay video.

Ubisoft's chunky sword-and-axe fighting game For Honor has been given a Valentine's Day - 14th February 2017 - release date. It's coming out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

A year ago this game was multiplayer only but now there's a campaign, which you can play alone or in co-op. You're fighting the Blackstone Legion and some mean lady who wants war!

Ubisoft released a Viking campaign mission video you can see below.

Watch on YouTube

I played For Honor at Gamescom last year, and liked it. It's not as slapstick as a melee combat game like Chivalry, but it's got chunky coreography to make up for it. You lock horns in one-on-one combat with other player characters, mostly, while grunts - computer enemies - mosh around you. They can take you down if you're not careful - they're a bit like creeps in MOBAs.

Combat itself is a tactical affair of watching how your opponent is shaping so you can anticipate their blow, block it, and then return it with interest. If you swing and miss, you see, or are parried, you're at a serious and maybe fatal disadvantage. You can attack in one of three main areas of their body - left, right, or high - and with a variety of attacks, and a special attack it now seems. It's engrossing, cinematic stuff.

Watch on YouTube

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