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Football Manager 2023 confirmed for PS5 after two-year no-show

PC physical editions won't have discs.

Football Manager 2023 is set for release on 8th November and this year will arrive on PlayStation 5, as well as Apple Arcade for the first time.

On PS5, the game has been tailored for the Dualsense controller, while on mobile the Touch series returns to Apple devices via Apple Arcade after a year's absence.

In addition, the game will be added to Xbox Game Pass on both PC and console from day one.

Cover image for YouTube videoFootball Manager 2023 | Release Date | #FM23 Announce Trailer
Football Manager 2023 | Release Date | #FM23 Announce Trailer

Previously, Football Manager was not available on PlayStation as the developer did not receive a dev kit. Sports Interactive boss Miles Jacobson had plenty to say on the matter back in 2020, but it appears that particular situation is now resolved.

The game still won't arrive on PS4, but will be available across Xbox consoles.

It means Football Manager 2023 will be available across PC (Steam, Epic, Microsoft Store), Mac, Xbox consoles, PlayStation 5, mobile (iOS and Android), and Nintendo Switch (the Touch version of the game).

The game will be sold as a physical copy, but this will not include a disc. Instead, it will contain a unique code redeemable via Steam, Epic, or the Microsoft Store.

The lack of disc and notebook, in addition to refinements of Sega's eco-packaging, makes the overall carbon footprint of Football Manager 2023 47 percent lower than last year's game.

"FM23 marks another significant step forward for the Football Manager series as we debut on two new platforms. Fans have been calling for us to produce a PlayStation title for a number of years, so I'm excited for those players to now get the chance to experience the closest thing to being a real football manager," said studio director of Sports Interactive Miles Jacobson.

"Our decision to not release a Touch game on iOS or Android in 2021 was a difficult one to take and a disappointing one for some of our fans. This exciting partnership with Apple Arcade allows us to reintroduce a popular title in a way that makes sense for us as a studio and for the wider FM community."

The game is available to pre-purchase from today until launch (on PC and Mac) - players who do so from a Sega-approved digital retailer will receive a 20 percent discount and Early Access two weeks prior to release. Single player careers started in this time will carry over.

The game will this time include licences for UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa Conference League.

More details on the game's features are set to be unveiled in October ahead of the November release.