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Cody, Guy and Adon appear in SSFIV

Street Fighter Alpha trio make the jump.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Cody, Guy and Adon have all been announced for inclusion in Super Street Fighter IV.

Japanese magazine Famitsu told the world so in its latest issue (spotted by Siliconera).

Images show Cody clad in striped blue and white prison garb, Adon high-kicking in Muay Thai style and Guy crouching pensively ready to launch a Ninjitsu attack.

All three fighters also appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 3, but Cody and Guy originally appeared in Final Fight.

Super Street Fighter IV will bring new characters, specials, bonus rounds and multiplayer improvements to the mix. Launch is penned for spring 2010.

Update: Originally we said that all three were from Final Fight. Sorry about that.

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