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Final Fantasy Type-0 on Vita uses second analogue stick

For camera control.

Play Final Fantasy Type-0 on PS Vita and you can use the second analogue stick for camera control, Square Enix has confirmed.

Type-0 director Hajime Tabata told an audience at a Square Enix event in Japan (reported by Andriasang) that using the right analogue stick "ups the playability".

While Square Enix is yet to announce a western release for the spin-off PSP RPG, Tabata has said on the record that it is being localised and an overseas version is in the works, suggesting a launch in some form on these shores will happen.

Square Enix is looking into making Type-O compatible with the PS Vita's UMD Passport program, which lets you download digital versions of retail PSP games you already own - for a fee.

Apparently Type-0's multiplayer mode won't be a problem on Vita, either.