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Final Fantasy 15 will let you play as a cat

The cat's out of the bag.

Final Fantasy 15 will have a "CatCam" feature in which you can play as a feline.

Demoed at Taipei Game Show and captured by GamesHQMedia, developer Square Enix debuted a prototype of this function in which a cat explores a still in development train station.

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It's unclear if this will be a feature in the final game, but the fact that the level geometry actually allows you to crawl through tight openings suggests that this is more than just a gag.

Back in December the developer revealed a similar DogCam. What's next? A BirdCam? (Note to Square: Please make a BirdCam.)

We remain suspect that you'll be able to engage in combat or push the story forward in feline form, but it certainly seems to add a new level of exploration as you can find new vantage points to better appreciate the lavish detail that went into building the game's various towns. Coupled with a photo mode, this could create quite the metagame.