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Final Fantasy 16 Sekhret location

Including tips on how to beat this B Rank Hunt Mark.

Sekhret in Final Fantasy 16 is a B Rank Hunt obtained after completing the 'Fire and Ice' main quest.

The Hunt Board points Clive towards the general region Sekhret is in, but you have to go to a specific part of this area to trigger the fight. To speed things along, we've got the Sekhret location in Final Fantasy 16 below, along with some tips on how to beat Sekhret when you come across it.

For more help, we've got a page dedicated to all Hunt locations.

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Final Fantasy 16 Sekhret location

Sekhret is located in the northwestern corner of Greensheaves in the Rosaria province, which is west of Rhiannon's Ride and north of Martha's Rest. Go to the very edge of the water to find Sekhret and trigger the fight.

The quickest route to get to Sekhret is to fast travel to Martha's Rest, then go north and keep to the left-hand side of the map after the first dead end.

Here's a map picture of exactly where to find Sekhret:

We've also got some tips for taking on Sekhret below.

Tips on how to beat Sekhret in Final Fantasy 16

Sekhret is a Level 31 B Rank Notorious Mark who uses lunging and spinning skills in between normal club swings to attack Clive. As long as you keep a good distance from Sekhret during its spinning attack and make liberal use of your strongest abilities, it shouldn't take too long to kill Sekhret.

For an edge in battle, here's some tips on how to beat Sekhret in Final Fantasy 16:

  • Use lengthier abilities after Sekhret misses - It takes a few seconds for Sekhret to recover from missing an attack, so use this as an opportunity to perform abilities that have a bit of a wind up, like Thunderstorm.
  • Use Garuda abilities to stagger - Aerial Blast tracks and damages Sekhret automatically, which is handy when you're staying back, and Gouge is best used after Sekhret is recovering from a Deadly Takedown or missed attack, as both leave him open for you to perform lengthier abilities.
  • Watch out for the double lunge - Sekhret will sometimes lunge at Clive twice in a row if it doesn't hit Clive the first time, so don't rush forward until you're sure it's done lunging!
  • Make sure to hang back during its 'Big Swing' attack as well.
  • Don't forget about Clive's Limit Break - Whether you activate it to help parry or while Sekhret is fully staggered, don't forget to use Clive's Limit Break, as he gets a few full charges during the length of this battle.
  • Equip the Berserker Ring for extra damage - The Berserker Ring gives Clive a small window of increased damage after performing a Precision Dodge, which is always handy during tough Hunt fights.
  • Respecing is free - Remember that you can refund any of your Ability Points for free and put those points into another ability if you think it will help more in the Sekhret fight. Then, you can switch back to your favourites after defeating it.

The rewards for defeating Sekhret are:

  • x1 Minotaur Mane
  • 800 EXP
  • 60 Ability Points
  • 20 Renown
  • 8,200 Gil

Good luck facing Sekhret in Final Fantasy 16!

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