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FIFA 23 servers down as players flood early access launch, Ultimate Team unplayable

UPDATE: Servers coming back online.

UPDATE: EA's servers are coming back online after an outage that lasted roughly two hours. Players are now able to log into Ultimate Team.

ORIGINAL STORY: FIFA 23 officially launched its early access period today for those who bought the Ultimate Edition, and already the servers have gone down.

At the time of publication, Ultimate Team was unplayable on both PlayStation and Xbox.

FIFA 23 doesn't launch proper until this Friday, 30th September, and its early access wasn't meant to begin until 4pm this afternoon, but the 10-hour EA Play trial was made available a day early, meaning FIFA 23's effective launch was yesterday, 26th September.

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EA has now acknowledged the issues, and issued a statement on Twitter:

"We are investigating reports of some players being unable to connect to EA Servers and will provide an update in this thread when available," the publisher wrote.

We'll keep an eye on the servers throughout the evening. In the meantime, it's worth checking out our FIFA 23 launch guide to see what's what.