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FIFA 23 lets you turn off commentary that points out how bad you are playing

There's always next week.

FIFA 23 is out in the wild after the EA Play trial went live a day early, and so new features are emerging.

One nice to have but unexpected new feature is the ability to disable critical commentary. Here's the option in the main game settings:

Checking this box means the commentators won't point out how bad you're doing during gameplay, but will say all the other normal stuff they say during a match.

I'm the kind of FIFA player who plays without the sound on at all, so I never normally hear the commentary. But on occasion when I have the sound turned on, I have found myself telling Derek Rae and Stewart Robson to do one when they discuss my poor performance.

I think the feature is more meant for children (FIFA 23 is a game for everyone!). As a parent of two young kids who play FIFA, I will probably check this box for their benefit (and mine, but don't tell anyone).

Unfortunately, I'm not sure it works particularly well. I played a FIFA Ultimate Team Division Rivals match this morning with critical commentary disabled, and Robson still tore into my finishing and had some choice words for poor Mason Mount. Check out the commentary in the gameplay clip below:

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