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FIFA 22 lets you turn off opponent celebrations

Shush, you.

FIFA 22 will for the first time in the series let you turn off opponent celebrations.

Celebrations have been a long-standing conduit for toxic behaviour in competitive FIFA. Your opponent is forced to watch them - and they can be pretty grating after rage-inducing goals are scored.

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With FIFA 21, EA pulled the Shush and A-OK celebrations from the game. The Shush celebration in particular was infamous within the community as it was done while the scoring player was running. (Players sometimes use running celebrations to extend the celebration time as they jog up and down the pitch - a frustrating time-wasting tactic.)

For FIFA 22, EA Sports has gone one step further and added the ability to turn off opponent celebrations. This is done via the new Celebration Camera Focus setting, which let you toggle from viewing your opponent's celebration when conceding a goal, to focus on your team's reaction instead.

By default, this is set to Opponent Celebrations, but if you change it to focus on your team's reaction, it affects every mode in FIFA 22, not just Ultimate Team.

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"Conceding a goal is always heartbreaking, especially in a closely fought match," FUT lead producer Mike Barnucz said.

"While celebrations are an important part of real world football, we know watching them can be a frustrating experience for some players."

That's that, then. No more will I have to suffer the waddle. I really hate the waddle.

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