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Far Cry 5's Vietnam-themed Hours of Darkness DLC gets a June release date

Wendell out.

Far Cry 5's first bit of post-launch DLC, Hours of Darkness, will be coming to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on June 5th, Ubisoft has announced.

Hours of Darkness is the first of three rather bizarrely themed bits of DLC planned for Ubisoft's enormously successful open-world shooter, and sees Far Cry 5 trade its usual Montana setting for the Viet Cong. The connecting thread is Wendell "Red" Redler, soldier and citizen of Hope County, "who must find and rescue his fellow squad members from hostile forces during the Vietnam War".

In present day Hope County, as seen in the main game, Wendell Redler can be found at the Redler Residence, in Far Cry 5's Holland Valley region.

Hours of Darkness features new gear and abilities, and two new modes unlocked after completing the DLC. There's Survivor Mode, which limits players' load-outs "for a more challenging play through", and Action Movie Mode, which does pretty much the opposite, doling out a far more generous load-out to unleash an excess of over-the-top action.

Ubisoft will release assets from the new DLC episode, for map-building purposes in Far Cry Arcade, in a separate Vietnam title update, out today.

Hours of Darkness can be purchased on its own come June 5th, or is available as part of Far Cry 5's Gold Edition or £25.99 Season Pass. The latter two options also grant access to the game's upcoming pulpy sci-fi-themed Lost in Mars DLC episode, coming in July, and Dead Living Zombies, which is currently scheduled for August.

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