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Fans have started to map out GTA 6's world based on leaks

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GTA Online artwork showing a woman staring at the horizon.
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The Grand Theft Auto community has started to map out the game world of the next GTA game using leaks as their source.

We know very little about the next game from official channels, but the huge leak on Monday gave us our biggest (albeit unfinished) look at the title.

Moreover, with various reports reporting on the game's location, characters and gameplay elements, there appears to be enough to go on to start the mapping process.

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As reported by Kotaku, of paramount importance, however, is to avoid any leaks into the work. Take-Two Interactive are notorious for taking down anything that has a slight whiff of copyright infringement, as modders know all too well.

Rather, the mappers are using Google Earth images instead to aid their cartography. Others have gone as far as recreating leaked screenshots rather crudely on Microsoft Paint.

All of this has been largely going on in the GTA Forums, where Monday's leak was first posted. But mappers became frustrated with the weariness of the forum's admins, so they moved over to Discord where they freely shared leaked content.

A surprising amount of progress has already been made, in part due to the leaked footage containing in-game coordinates which have helped mappers place locations in relation to each other.

Individuals help out in their own way, with some combing through leaked footage cutting out the in-game mini-map to help create pieces of the larger map, while other are using their real-world knowledge of Miami and Florida to provide more information and context.

This project reflects the very real enthusiasm of the GTA community for Rockstar's titles who will be patiently waiting for some time yet before they receive any official details on what is perhaps the world's most anticipated game.

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