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Fallout 76 promises alien invasions and more in 2022 development roadmap

Including trip to post-nuclear Pittsburgh this Autumn.

Fallout 76 has come a long way since Eurogamer branded it a "bizarre, boring, broken mess" back at launch in 2018, and Bethesda will be marking the post-nuclear online multiplayer game's fourth anniversary with another year of updates - introducing alien invasions, a trip to Pittsburgh, and more - as detailed in a newly released content roadmap.

2022 will bring four seasonal updates in total, each spread roughly three months apart, starting this "spring" with a collection of additions including the new Invaders From Beyond event. "Save Appalachia from an otherworldly, all-encompassing invasion," is how Bethesda explains this one on its roadmap, "including Public Event takeovers, new random encounters, a new seasonal Public Event, and more!".

All this - detailed more thoroughly in the developer gameplay video below - arrives alongside a new Fallout Worlds update as part of Fallout 76's eighth season, A Better Life Underground. This will bring the usual refreshed progression track and related rewards when it arrives around the end of March once the current season, Zorbo's Revenge, comes to a close.

Fallout 76 - Invaders from Beyond Update (Developer Gameplay).Watch on YouTube

Season 9, currently without a name, will accompany "multiple new heart-pounding Public Events" designed to test players' armour, weapons, and "grit", including arena fights against deadly automatons. It'll also bring Fallout 1st scoreboard progression when it launches sometime this "summer".

As for Season 10, coming this autumn, it promises fresh new rewards alongside the debut of expedition missions. The initial batch of these will send players to a "lethal location known only as The Pitt" somewhere beyond the boundaries of Appalachia (or post-nuclear Pittsburgh to be more precise), where they'll be able to encounter new NPCs and battle new foes.

Fallout 76's year ahead in infographic form.

And finally, winter brings a collection of Season 11 additions all currently gathered together under the headline Nuka-World on Tour. Flagged for arrival here are new traveling-roadshow-themed Public Events, including a new region boss. "The Fizziest Show on Earth has kicked the irradiated dust off the tires and hit the road," teases Bethesda. "Next stop Appalachia!".

Expect considerably more information fleshing out Fallout 76's preliminary development roadmap for 2022 as the year rumbles along.

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