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Fallout 76 players can finally travel beyond Appalachia in today's The Pitt update

Adds replayable Expeditions and more.

Fallout 76's The Pitt update, which lets players leave the boundaries of Appalachia for the first time, is out today on Xbox and PC.

Announced back in June 2021, The Pitt - which is inspired by the Fallout 3 add-on of the same name - takes players to a city built on the remains of post-nuclear Pittsburgh, which can explore by embarking on Expeditions, a brand-new feature introduced in today's update.

Expeditions are essentially repeatable missions for up to four players that feature new NPCs and new foes to battle, with participants able to earn various in-game rewards for their endeavours. Bethesda says anyone can take part in these new activities but recommends that players be level 50+ "for the best experience".

Fallout 76: The Pitt - Official Launch Trailer.

To get things started, players will first need to visit The Whitespring Resort (newly renamed The Whitespring Refuge as of today's update) and start the Responders Reborn quest. Expeditions will become available once the Vertibird is flight-ready.

By completing three Refuge Daily Quests at the Whitespring Refuge, players can fully charge the Vertibird's battery and embark on a single Expedition. At present, two distinct Missions are available for selection: Union Dues, set in a steel mill known as The Foundry, and From Ashes to Fire, which takes place in the Sanctum.

Players will need to complete three randomised objectives on each Mission play-though, and additional rewards can be gained by completing optional objectives - with successful participants able to earn up to five legendary items, a Legendary Module (with a chance to earn a second), Legendary Scrips or Treasury Notes, loot, and XP.

Players can also earn Stamps to exchange for rare Expedition rewards at the new Whitespring Refuge vendor known as Giuseppe, and a special rare reward can be earned once a week by completing all optional objectives during a Mission.

Today's update also heralds the start of Fallout 76's Season 10, themed around a road trip to Pittsburgh. By progressing through the season's latest battle-pass-style Scoreboard, player can earn new outfits, cosmetics, and consumables, new paints for their weapons, armour, and Power Armour, plus Pitt-themed amenities for their C.A.M.P. Additionally, they can unlock the ability to craft the new Auto Axe and Union Power Armour - both of which will be added to Giuseppe’s inventory after Season 10 ends for those that miss out.

Additional details on today's Fallout 76 update - including design changes, improvements, and bug fixes - can be found in Bethesda's latest blog post.

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