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Fallout 76 beta extended after bug which deleted 50GB data

"Do not click on any buttons."

Bethesda has extended the Fallout 76 beta after an unfortunate bug last night deleted the entire 50GB game client from some users' PCs.

In a fantastically alarming tweet, Bethesda warned fans to "not click any buttons on the client for the time being", which made it sound like people's computers were about to explode.

Subsequent messages explained there was an issue causing PC owners to redownload the hefty beta game file, and that if you saw a progress bar you should allow the download to complete again. No one's ISP still caps their data usage, right?

This morning, Bethesda owned up to the problem - it was all its own vault! To make up for the issue, the publisher has extended Fallout 76's Thursday beta slot.

As noted previously, Fallout 76's beta sessions involve some late nights here in Blighty, with play sessions mostly geared to American or UK trucker timezones.

Well, Bethesda did warn everyone Fallout 76 may have some spectacular issues. Guess what! Bethesda was right.

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