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Fall Guys introduces a "No Teams" playlist

"Please enjoy the sole reliance on your abilities."

Fall Guys, Mediatonic's knockabout battle royale game, has reintroduced its "No Teams" playlist for players who prefer to go solo than duke it out as a team.

The change comes because of "unprecedented" complaints from players who are frustrated by rounds that require teamwork, presumably because - and I know this from personal experience - there's a small but pervasive underclass of players that thinks it's funny to mess about and throw the round.

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"There has been unprecedented complaints regarding levels in which you compete as part of a unit," reports Beanbot on the game's hugely popular Twitter account. "Duly, we have reinstated a playlist called 'No Teams'.

"Please enjoy the sole reliance on your abilities."

In other Fall Guys news, the game has partnered with Red Cross for a Charity Tournament to raise funds for its disaster relief campaigns.

"By rising through the leaderboard ranks through a combination of gaming skill and fundraiser savvy, you'll compete against others by playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout for chances to win special prizes while fundraising for your local Red Cross," the charity says.

"And if that isn't enough to entice you, the Top 20 Tournament Qualifiers will win a weekend trip to Las Vegas to play LIVE in the Rescue Royale Finale Broadcast from the HyperX Esports Arena on Saturday, Oct. 16th."

Mediatonic's knockabout battle royale game marked its first anniversary earlier this month with a selection of special, minimally priced birthday cosmetics, and a trip down memory lane when it wheeled out its original stages.

As Matt reported at the time, while Fall Guys' fifth, jungled-themed season continued to be the main event, players had the option to tumble back to where it all began with the special Anniversary Party show, featuring the game's original roster of rounds, along with two birthday cosmetics - a special bodysuit, emblazoned with cakes, balloons, and the like, plus a fetching birthday crown.