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Fall Guys explains how it's tackling cheaters

Bring down the bean hammer.

Candy-coloured battle royale Fall Guys has become a surprise hit over the last few weeks, and like any popular online multiplayer, this unfortunately means one thing: an influx of cheaters.

Using hacks to increase their speed, teleport or even fly, the cheaters have naturally infuriated regular players who just want to grab a crown through legitimate means. This has also led to some incredible footage of teams deliberately sabotaging their own games in order to punish a cheater on their team.

Thankfully, developer Mediatonic seems to be on the case, meaning this sort of vigilante justice will (hopefully) no longer be required. Earlier this month the dev team tuned the game's cheating detection criteria so players would no longer have to manually report the misbehaving jelly beans. An upcoming patch will change the way in which cheaters are blocked: this currently occurs after a game has finished, but Mediatonic has pledged to "take more immediate action" on this soon. This should hopefully mean that a future patch will boot cheaters out before a round ends. Mediatonic also found that cheaters were using Steam's family sharing feature to get around the game's banning system, "creating new accounts and sharing with themselves" to get back into the game. As such, the feature has been disabled for the time being.

With a bit of luck, perhaps these measures will keep most of the bad beans out of the barrel. Or packet, I suppose.

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