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Experimental Uncharted 2 MP playlists

"The Lab" kicking off this weekend.

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Naughty Dog has announced plans to run a custom Uncharted 2 multiplayer playlist next weekend to "mix things up and maybe, possibly lead to updates or additions to the existing playlists in competitive matchmaking".

Called "The Lab", the playlist will run "roughly every other weekend for the forseeable future" and be used to run "custom-tuned gametype variations from the tons of variables we can tweak in our multiplayer gameplay settings".

To celebrate the first one, The Lab will also be a "double cash weekend", meaning any amount of cash earned in-game will be handed out at double the usual rate.

This coming weekend's playlist will be two-versus-two team deathmatch, in which you get 15 minutes to reach 25 kills. 11th-14th June will be shotguns-only (Moss-12 and Pistole only, with no grenades).

25th-28th June will be "Sniper Extermination". "Two teams. Dragon Sniper rifles. One life per round. Best of five rounds takes the match win. Absolutely tense, totally tactical."

There are slightly more details on the Uncharted 2 blog at Naughty Dog's website, including exact start and finish times for The Lab.

Uncharted 2 came out last October and picked up a whopping 10/10, mostly on account of its masterful, gorgeous single-player campaign, although the multiplayer was pretty handy too.

The traditional third-person action was complemented by an interesting progression system and the ability to use techniques more traditionally associated with single-player action-adventures, like stealth-killing from below.

Check out our in-depth Uncharted 2 multiplayer hands-on for more or watch the video below.

Uncharted 2 multiplayer.

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