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Elgato releases Stream Deck Pedal

Step on this.

Elgato, provider of streaming peripherals, has released the new Stream Deck Pedal for foot control of streams.

It consists of three pedal buttons that can be programmed - like the standard Stream Deck - to control software, hardware and more.

On a basic level it means keeping your hands on the controller or mouse while you play games. But it has other applications too.

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For some disabled streamers, for instance, the Stream Deck Pedal could provide useful alternative inputs, although the price point may be off-putting for some.

Additionally, as more content creators from outside of gaming join streaming platforms, the pedal provides extra control away from a computer desk - for musicians for example.

Elgato also promises the pedal "is built to take a stomping without budging". So streamers can step on this to their heart's content.

Check out the Elgato product page for further details.

Elgato has also announced its official Discord Stream Deck plugin to control Discord using its devices.

Twitch streamers are currently campaigning for the platform to introduce a Disability Pride Month, with a post on UserVoice now gathering over 1,100 votes.

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