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Elden Ring's iconic Dark Moon Greatsword replica available for £360

"Good hunting to thee."

Person in grey jumped holding replica of Dark Moon Greatsword, large blue sword from Elden Ring, with a wolf image over the face
Image credit: Panda Studio

A replica of Elden Ring's Dark Moon Greatsword can now be bought, if you've got a spare £360.

The sword replica is a metre and a half long and is made of resin, so hopefully isn't as heavy as it looks. And of course it's painted in brilliant, magical blue.

And while it's perfect for cosplayers looking to dress up as a Tarnished, it also comes with a wall mount for those who simply want to display their big weapon.

Elden Ring Lore: Ranni and the Night of the Black KnivesWatch on YouTube

The sword has been created by Panda Studio and is available to pre-order from We Are Anime Collectors. It'll set you back $459, or around 360 quid.

Elden Ring Dark Moon Greatsword from Panda StudioWatch on YouTube

The Dark Moon Greatsword is given to Elden Ring players by Ranni the Witch after completing her questline. "Ranni's sigil is a full moon, cold and leaden," reads the weapon description, "and this sword is but a beam of its light."

The greatsword is an iconic recurring weapon across the Soulsborne series, beginning as the Large Sword of Moonlight in Demon's Souls and returning in various guises throughout the games - all except Sekiro.

It even features in Armored Core 6 as a powerful light sword.

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