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Elden Ring played by Twitch chat is laughably awkward

You [all] died.

Twitch chat played Elden Ring and the results were pretty laughable.

Streamer Bruce Greene ran a subathon on his channel, streaming for almost 40 hours in one go (thanks, PC Gamer). Half the funds raised were donated to UNICEF and the Red Cross in support of Ukraine.

Of course, sleep was needed in the midst of that, so he turned to Twitch chat to play the game for him.

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The 'Twitch plays' format became popular through the Pokémon games, but has since been used for others too. It involves allowing the chat to type in commands to control the game.

As you'd expect, having hundreds of people typing in varying commands does not make for an efficient playthrough.

It's awkward enough in other games, but a game like Elden Ring where everyone wants to explore a different corner of the Lands Between? It's a mess - albeit an amusing one.

Elden Ring hasn't even been out a week but its huge popularity has already seen players exploring in unique ways.

Streamer Super Louis 64, for instance, has been playing the game with a Ring Fit Adventure controller - to far more success than Bruce Greene's Twitch chat.

Check out a clip of the Twitch chat run below.