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Elden Ring glitch lets players shoot invisible magic - and it's ruining PvP

Pure sorcery.

Elden Ring players have discovered what appears to be a glitch in order to kill enemies with invisible magic projectiles.

The glitch involves the Carian Retaliation Ash of War that, when applied to a shield, allows players to parry magic projectiles. So far, so legit.

However, as reported by Kotaku, the skill can also be used to parry the player's own magic attacks, which not only turn invisible but scale with the shield's upgrade level for huge damage.

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This is all well and good against the game's league of bosses, but players are using this (seeming) glitch in online play to destroy rival players. And as the attack is invisible, it's almost impossible to dodge.

This video from YouTuber JellyDiscrete- shows the parry in action.

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In a recent patch, FromSoftware fixed a similar bug where players can activate the Erdtree Greatshield's weapon skill without absorbing an attack. Players are hoping it will do the same with Carian Retaliation.

A more recent update prevents hackers from ruining the save files of PC players.