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Elden Ring fans speculate over lore implications of boss cutscene change

No more flames.

A recent Elden Ring patch has made a tweak to a boss that's got fans speculating about lore.

FromSoftware made no mention of the change in any of its patch notes, but changes to a specific cutscene have been shared on reddit.

Minor spoilers follow.

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The changes concern the cutscene before the battle against Morgott, the Omen King found in Leyndell, Royal Capital.

Originally the boss would light his sword ablaze, but this effect has now been removed.

Why the change? That's unclear.

On the one hand, some fans on reddit believe the change is intentional. With his links to the Golden Order, Morgott's use of flames would be seen as heretical.

Alternatively, it could simply be an unintentional visual bug. It's an ironic loss considering his "flame of ambition" line.

Eurogamer has requested clarification.

In more Elden Ring patch news, version 1.05 is now out across all platforms. There's no mention of Morgott though, it's predominantly small bug fixes.

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