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eFootball Season 2 begins with International Cup Experience

Qatar-gorically not the World Cup.

Konami's eFootball begins Season 2 with The Football Festival.

It includes The International Cup Experience, in which players compete against AI as one of 46 available national teams, as well as the eFootball International Cup challenge event with a prize pool of 1bn eFootball coins.

This definitely isn't the World Cup. Nope.

Cover image for YouTube video
eFootball 2023's "The Football Festival" trailer.

Further, 40 national teams can now be selected for a limited time in the offline mode Trial Match and online mode Dream Team.

National team packs for Japan, Brazil, Argentina and France are all now available. These will include one player as a Big Time card - celebrations of past or present players.

This second season will last until mid-February 2023.

However, The International Cup Experience will end on 12th January 2023 and the eFootball International Cup will conclude on 17th December 2022.

Both are to "celebrate the unusual but exciting global football calendar of 2022".

eFootball's first season was disastrous and received an Avoid in our review.

It's unlikely that this new season will be able to compete with the recent success of FIFA 2023, which had the series' largest ever number of players at launch.

It also has the official World Cup licensing in its Ultimate Team mode.