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Konami confirms Mason Greenwood dropped from football games

"Konami condemns violence of any kind."

Konami has confirmed Mason Greenwood has been removed from its football games.

Greenwood, the Manchester United player, was arrested on 30th January on suspicion of rape and assault of a young woman.

In a statement to Eurogamer, Konami confirmed his removal until further notice.

"In light of the serious allegations made against Mason Greenwood, the player will be removed from our football titles until further notice.

"Specifically for PES 2021 on mobile, users cannot newly obtain the player, but existing owners are unaffected.

"Konami condemns violence of any kind. While police inquiries are ongoing it would be inappropriate to comment further."

Greenwood has also been dropped from EA's FIFA 22. A statement from EA to the Manchester Evening News states: "Mason Greenwood has been removed from active squads in FIFA 22 and has also been suspended from appearing in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) packs and Ultimate Draft."

Manchester United said it did "not condone violence of any kind", and confirmed Greenwood would not be returning to training or to play matches until further notice.

Konami is responsible for the PES series of football games and its new eFootball game, which was delayed until spring 2022.

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