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EA "will kill a game a year", says bossman

Riccitiello keen to avoid "bonfire of money".

Silver-haired Electronic Arts boss John Riccitiello has said the company isn't afraid to throw games in the bin if they're looking a bit rubbish.

His comments come just weeks after EA cancelled Command & Conquer shooter Tiberium for looking a bit rubbish.

"When something's not meeting expectations... You can course correct by giving it more time, more money, changing the concept or killing the game," the platinum-coiffeured exec told Gamasutra.

"If you're committed to quality, you take one of those paths. If you preclude any one of those paths, quality will suffer.

"EA will kill a game or two a year. Forever," he added over-dramatically.

Riccitiello also spoke out on the recent furore over the DRM management in Spore, or the "Spurore" as it's known. "We're going to see an evolution of these things. I wish we didn't live in a world where we had to do these types of things," said the EA boss, whose hair shines like a unicorn's mane in the moonlight.

"I want it to be seamless and easy - but I also don't want to have a bonfire of money."

We at Eurogamer quite fancy having a bonfire of money, actually. All bound for moomoo land.

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