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EA sets up 99c iPhone game developer

8lb Gorilla's first game out imminently.

EA has launched a new mobile games subsidiary called 8lb Gorilla and plans to use it to release 99-cent iPhone games on a near-monthly basis.

According to TouchArcade's coming out report, 8lb Gorilla's first game is Zombies & Me, in which you try and shepherd boggle-headed undead into the path of missiles.

The accompanying video quickly describes the concept: your Gran's in a house, the military is bombarding the area, and by running around outside pursued by zombies you can lure them into the impact zones.

The game's due out "very soon", apparently, and providing there aren't too many hold-ups with the iTunes App Store submission process it should be followed by additional games on a very regular basis.

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Zombies & Me


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