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EA boss talks Godfather II game

"GTA-style" with RTS elements.

Silver haired Electronic Arts boss John Riccitiello has been chattering away about the company's plans for a sequel to The Godfather game.

Speaking in an investors' meeting he said, "You can play this game both at the street level, much like a GTA-style game, but you can also play it top-down, almost like you're in an RTS, controlling the strategy of the boroughs you can see what's going on."

It's not the first we've heard of a Godfather II game. Executive producer David DeMartini said second and third instalments were in the works back in February 2006 - before the first game had even hit the shops.

Looks like he's moved on though, as Riccitiello said EA's Hunter Smith is taking the exec producer role for Godfather II. Smith's previous credits include work on two of EA's James Bond titles.

Riccitiello didn't offer any hints as to which platforms Godfather II is in development for, but it's worth remembering its predecessor was released for everything except DS.

As for when it's out - "It's a game that I think we'll be talking a lot about this fall," said Riccitiello. That'd be just before Christmas, then. Makes sense.