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Godfather II given solid April date

Almost Don.

Electronic Arts has announced that The Godfather II will be released for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on 10th April in Europe, three days after it goes on sale in the States.

The game had been set for release on 27th February, but the game was subsequently delayed along with The Sims 3 and Dragon Age: Origins in the aftermath of EA's rocky third fiscal quarter.

The change is known to have caught a number of people off-guard, including print magazines, many of whom had been preparing reviews at the time.

The Godfather II puts you in control of the Corleone New York crime family, allowing you to dabble in GTA-style third-person micromanagement or expand out to run the empire from a strategic "Don's View".

The last time we looked at the game - in our Godfather II hands-on preview last month - it was looking more promising than its predecessor, although still had a way to go.