The Godfather


Feature | The amazing stories of a man you've never heard of

Brando, Bowie, and everything in between.

No more Godfather games, says EA

They're not so keen on licences nowadays.

Puzo estate sues over Godfather games

Still waiting for its cut.

Feature | The amazing stories of a man you've never heard of

Brando, Bowie, and everything in between.

No more Godfather games, says EA

They're not so keen on licences nowadays.

Puzo estate sues over Godfather games

Still waiting for its cut.

EA boss talks Godfather II game

"GTA-style" with RTS elements.

Godfather 2 in development?

Money men spill beans.

Godfather downloads on Live

Buy guns, in-game money, etc.

Review | The Godfather

Headless horses for courses.

The Godfather

In-depth hands-on with EA's blockbuster.

Godfather sequels on the way?

It's mighty likely, according to EA.

Brando's voice is in Godfather

EA clarifies the situation.

Feature | The Godfather

A game licence EA couldn't refuse.

The Godfather slips

Quality issues hold it back.

No Godfather on Nintendo

EA whacks those rumours.

Brando's voice not in Godfather?

So says the New York Times.

Godfather trailer

Don your BitTorrents.

Coppola slags off Godfather game

Top director wants to put new EA title in a concrete overcoat and throw it off the Brooklyn Bridge.

Brand new Godfather trailers, screenshots

In addition to the new features you've probably spotted to the left, we've also got an new screenshots and artwork, an intro cinematic, and a video of Duvall and Caan re-recording dialogue.

Feature | EA's own Godfather

David De Martini, vice president and executive producer at EA Redwood Shores, discusses family, respect, and making a game based on one of the most-loved movie franchises ever.

EA attracts star names to GTA-style Godfather game

James Caan, Robert Duvall and the late Marlon Brando have all contributed, the soundtrack is authentic and the style is distinctly GTA-esque.

EA premieres Godfather trailer

And we've got it on Eurofiles.

De Niro and Pacino square up for Godfather

EA is targeting Hollywood superstars Robert de Niro and Al Pacino for involvement in its Godfather games. Notice the plural, you schmuck.

EA plans Godfather title

Look how they massacred my boy.