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Godfather downloads on Live

Buy guns, in-game money, etc.

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Electronic Arts has released a bunch of guns and other trinkets for The Godfather on Xbox 360, although you'll have to pay for the privilege of using them.

In a move which absolutely won't inspire lots of shouting and complaints we're sure of it, you can pay between 40 and 150 Microsoft points for in-game currency, 100 points each for a range of level-4 weapons, or 800 points for "The Don Collection", which includes five level-4 weapons, lots of in-game money, and various other bits and bobs that can otherwise be bought separately.

There is a freebie, at least, called the MobFace Apparel Bundle, which for a limited time offers you a leather jacket, two hats, and two sets of glasses, allowing you to customise your appearance at an in-game tailor.

You can read all the specific details on Major Nelson's blog.

Seriously, go nuts.

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